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Rebranding Positions Tech Company for Industry Recognition

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Faction Case Study
  • Anabliss promised a new brand and website that would be game-changers for my business. Investing in their thoughtful approach was well worth it. They absolutely delivered on their promise."

    Mike Detwiler Managing Director & President, Accenture | President, The Forge
  • Our new website has paid off in spades. In 10 years, I never received a lead from the old site. Three months after launch the new site has already generated several."

    Leo Salvaggio Executive VP, DSI
  • Our new brand says exactly who we are as a health tech ecosystem. Anabliss took the time to understand our goals and help evaluate our strategy. The result is a brand that doesn't just symbolize our vision - it helps us acheive it."

    Mike Biselli President, Catalyst
  • Re-branding can be risky. But Anabliss turned the whole process in to an opportunity and made it work to our advantage. We actually picked up ground with our clients and partners."

    Laurel Burton VP of Marketing, Faction

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Our blog is where we examine the trends and timeless issues in our industry. It's one result of our constant effort to get better at what we do. It's also where we try to help leaders think strategically about their brand.

3 Tips for Creating a Go-To-Market Strategy for Technology Companies

You wouldn’t travel to an unfamiliar destination without first looking up directions or mapping out your route. The same goes for your marketing efforts. Launching a new product or service makes no sense without first developing a roadmap to follow.

No matter if you are a tech startup or a large scale company, a go-to-market strategy is essential for your business’ ongoing success. Implementing a marketing plan may take weeks or even months, but it ensures your company is using its resources to the best advantage. An effective go-to-market strategy will help you grow your business, increase brand awareness and reduce the costs of failed product launches.

Websites and Emails and Social, Oh My! What's Right for You?

Chances are your company has a website. And you use some type of email program to regularly communicate with customers. Perhaps you’ve even ventured into social media and have a Facebook page and even a Twitter account. Businesses can no longer ignore the value of digital vehicles as a way to connect with customers on a 24/7 basis. However, to get the most from these online channels, you must understand the value of each and how they support each other. As users interact with different platforms for specific purposes, what digital marketing technique works best for your business: web, social media or email?

Brand Your Website To Make A Better First Impression

First impressions are made in a blink of an eye these days. Research indicates that people form first opinions about new acquaintances in just 0.10 seconds. If you think that’s fast, initial perceptions of a website are made in just 0.05 seconds! To capture the right attention in that short amount of time, your website must be branded with the proper messaging and visual style that instantly connects to your key audience on different level.

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