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Whether you’re a healthcare provider, medical device manufacturer, or health tech developer, you need a serious marketing strategy to stay competitive in the marketplace. New companies are constantly emerging, and massive consolidations are continuously creating the next medical and health tech superpower.

So what can you do to keep winning new business? Adapt and stay ahead through marketing innovation and brand strategy. To help, we’ve put together some must-haves for a winning plan.

Make Yourself Accessible

Accessibility. You’ve heard of it, and are likely familiar with one or many of its interpretations. But what do we mean be making yourself accessible? One answer just isn’t enough.

  • Focus on the Customer Experience
    Whether it’s the interaction with your staff or the product you’re marketing, a refined and enjoyable customer experience is and will continue to be critical to your success. Create a mobile-friendly website, follow accessibility best practices for those with disabilities where needed (such as your website or product), and look to those that understand usability for your website, service, or product design.
  • Provide Support Where Expected
    If your patients or customers need help, minimize the time it takes for them to reach you. That can be done via live chat platforms, extended support hours, and an established presence on social networks, in addition to traditional telephone or email support.
  • Be Where Your Audience Is
    Is there an opportunity to develop a mobile app? How are you ranked for your topics-of-interest in search engines? Is your audience clustered around one or two specific social networks? Your marketing strategy should place you where your customers expect to find you.
Build the Interpersonal Relationship

One’s health can be a sensitive subject - whether it’s related to a hospital visit or a wearable fitness device - and building relationships with your prospects, patients, and customers will lead to success. Personalize the experience, and build your brand around being a trusted resource in whatever your service or product is related to.

While the big data challenge has proven to be difficult to undertake, analytics still provides tremendous value even when not being done at the scale many initially discussed. Are there common patient or customer demographics that can be incorporated into your marketing message? Do you know at what phase you typically lose a prospect? If so, use this knowledge to help build content that can influence your prospect into becoming a customer, while building that critical relationship.

Your product or service is (or at least, should be) helping your customer through some type of challenge. Let your patients or customers know that you recognize their challenge, and can help

Emphasize the Security

Security is no joke, and increasingly sophisticated hackers and data thieves have led to increasingly damaging data thefts and breaches. No matter if you’re storing electronic health records or customer login information, your prospects and customers want to feel secure when providing you with their information. Follow security best practices, and adhere to all regulatory requirements.

Few events are more damaging to a company’s brand than a severe data breach that results in private customer data sinking into the internet’s deepest seas. Take the steps needed to prevent yourself from requiring emergency brand management.

Your Strategy Defines Your Brand

An awesome product or service backed by a solid marketing strategy will build your brand. And with a well-constructed brand, you’ll win new customers while retaining your current. At Anabliss, we pride ourselves as being brand experts, from the initial development, to the implementation, and support.

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