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Rebrand Leads to Increased Industry Recognition

Faction is an enterprise-class IaaS cloud service provider offering private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions to and through service providers. Faction realized that their previous name, logo, and branding were reliant on a common geographical-specific concept and the result was a dilution of their messaging.

Faction hired Anabliss to help them navigate through the creation of a new company identity. The company formerly known as Peak began to recreate every branding and messaging facet of their company.

Anabliss was Faction’s strategic partner for all decisions regarding the direction, the implementation, and real-life application of the new brand. While everyone expected a new logo, most didn’t expect to see:

  • Significantly increased website traffic
  • Increased peer-to-peer brand recognition
  • The formation of a stronger and more unified company culture

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About Anabliss

We build brands. We design and develop customized interactive experiences. And we create content that connects. It all adds up to telling your story in a way that generates both growth and goodwill. 

Our approach is straightforward. First we learn about you and your audience - your target markets. Then we help you think strategically about how to define and achieve your goals. Finally, we develop solutions that deliver.

It sounds simple, and in a way, it is. But that doesn't mean it's easy. What differentiates us is our capacity for creativity and our uncommon commitment to precision and coherence. We hone our work to hit the mark.

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in business."